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Protect freedom of Religion or Belief according to Human Rights Law through research, dialogue and respectful dialogue.
Gerard Noodt, 1647-1725
In the 17th century, Noodt was a courageous renowned legal scholar with wit and imagination; as an interpreter of Roman Law he advocated Natural Law, or Personal Freedom of Conscience and the responsibility thereunto.. His work has had much influence in European thinking.
 We are a non-partisan, policy-relevant actor, stimulating research, debate, and policy development in support of the effective realization of freedom of religion or belief and matters of conscience.

subscribe fully to existing standards on freedom of religion or belief in international human rights law, as developed by the United Nations, the Council of Europe, European Union Institutions, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and other relevant international organizations.

We recognize all inherent Human Rights and believe that the Freedom of Conscience and Speech form the basis of protecting them. Wthout freedom of speech there is no democracy. Without freedom of consience there is no responsibility for action, and there is rule of law. Without freedom of religions and other belief-organizations there is decay of morality and socio-economic welfare. The Gerard Noodt Foundation of Freedom of Religion or Belief, therefore, works with Churches, Civil Society, Cults, Activist Movements, Politicians, Governments and Inter-Governmental organizations to sharpen the debate, all within the rule of law.

Our approach is international, interdisciplinary and consultative, and it favors practical relevance. To achieve its aims, we lend support to active entities with aims compatible with this mission.


Freedom of Religion or Belief