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Relevant Events


The Hague    Participant in BOG (Breed Overleg Godsdienst) platform to the

                  Foreign Ministry of the Netherlands

Brussels       Partnership in platform with HRWF, The Conference of European Churches 

                 and European Evangelical Alliance.

Utrecht        Chair of UPF National platform to enhance Peace.

Warshaw      Visitor to OSCE Human Dimension Conference.

Vienna         Member of Fundamental Rights Agency NGO Platform.

Utah            Member of International Advisory Board of ICLRS (International Center for

                  Law and Religious Studies) at Brigham Young University.

Den Bosch    Advisor to Dutch National Interfaith Dialogue Platform (BOG).

Den Bosch    Member of City Interfaith Dialogue Platform.

Seminars, Conferences and other Activities

March 2008 Rotterdam       Member of Dutch Advisory Council to Ministry of Justice regarding new

                                    Immigration law

April 2008   Strasbourg       Participated ERA (Academy of European Law) in Training regarding how to

                                    propose a case for the European Court of Human Rights

June 2008  Geneva,           Sponsored the annual Strasbourg Consortium. Here around 70 top

                                    academics and experts in the field discussed the main issues with

                                    Freedom of Religion or Belief in Europe and how to assist the European

                                    Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. A joint conference with Focus on

                                    FoRB was held.

June 2009  Dushanbe         Member of the EU Commission delegation that advised Tajikistan government on Right

                                    to fair trail and Independence of Judiciary

April 2010   Vienna            Active participant at the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) platform,

                                    discussing what the EU should focus on during the next 5 years as far as

                                    Human Rights is concerned.

August 2010 Jerusalem      Participant of Middle East Peace Initiative under auspices of the United

                                    Nations in an International Interfaith Consultation. It was sponsored by

                                    the Universal Peace Federation.

September 2011 Idaho       Brigham Young University, Idaho. Presentation on Human Rights in Europe.

                                    Presented to Political Science Department.

November 2011 Seoul        Research on abduction cases of anti-cult organizations in Japan.

December 2012 Brussels     Participant of the RELIGARE Research Conference on Diversity and

                                    Secular Models in Europe, under direction of EU Commission.

July 2013 Abania              Gather and ship Medical Operating Room Supplies for Albanian Hospitals

                                   which operate in the most primitive of conditions, worth close to € 100.000,--.

October 2013 Brussels           Speech at European Parliament in Brussels, to call all relevant organizations to join

                                                hands in enhancing Freedom of Concience, Speech, Religion or Belief

November 2013 Paris             Co-found a new International Religious Freedom Platform.

                                                See http://www.eifrf-articles.org/

July 2014 Albania,                 Advisor to main Oposition parties regarding traninig and development of

                                   Anti-corruption practices.

June 2014 Oxford                   Participated in Conference on Law and Religion at Oxford University.

June 2014 Geneva                  Participated in United Nations Conference on the Family.

August 2014 Balkans             Research Balkan War issues (MonteNegro, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia,

                                                Kosovo and Albania). Consultations with main government and opposition leaders of

                                                Kosovo, US Embassy and EULEX.

October 2015 Brussels           Speech given at the European Parliament, in conjunction with the UNPO and the

                                               World Uyghur Congress "In Defense of Religious Freedom: The Uyghur Struggle for 

                                               Human Rights." Some theoretical advise for Bejing.

December 2015                     Consultation on how to better integrate African Diaspora in the EU.

March 2016 California          Speech given at Claremont University Seminar on Freedom of Religion. To further the

                                              evolvement of FoRB to the next level in any nation, one moves from legal protection to

                                              allowing new religions in society, to supporting a free market for all (safe) religions, to

                                              completely seperating the minister from the politician, the businessman and the policeman, It is

                                              in collaboration between them all, whilst accepting complete independence. Cooperation, rather

                                              than assimilation is the key.





Freedom of Religion or Belief